Source Block

Source Block will be a website containing all relevant information in Minecraft as it relates to commands and map-making, for users to more easily search and find their answers. This currently contains the following topics:

  • Items
  • Blocks
  • Entities
  • Block entities
  • Entity AI
  • Recipes
  • Sounds
  • Translation keys
  • Textures
  • Models
  • Loot tables
  • Advancements
  • Structures
  • Legacy structures
  • Potion effects
  • Enchantments
  • Attributes
  • NBT data
  • Selectors
  • Selector parameters
  • Commands
  • Blockstates
  • Objectives
  • Statistics
  • Brigadier arguments
  • Data fixers
  • Dimensions
  • ID groups ("tags")
  • Biomes
  • Damage sources
  • Fonts
  • Shaders

Each topic will have its own traversable database. For example, every item in the game will have its own page in the "Items" database. Each item will contain some standardized information, including a name ID and maximum stack size. A user may search specifically within those fields to generate a table of all items that have a maximum stack size of 16, and can then save and share that generated table (which will always be up-to-date).

Guides can be created by all users and attached to individual pages or entire databases. If a user was viewing the "player skull" item page and were not sure how to go about creating a custom skull, chances are there would be a guide created for that task and linked on the page. If such a guide didn't exist, the user could request one be made, which can then be fulfilled by any user.

Finally, a large set of tools is planned that will be able to connect to the databases, filling in tool data and methods, which ensures all tools are always up-to-date without having to wait for manual updates. And what will come with that is a widespread API for anybody to use to get specific data out of the databases, including from saved search results.

The overall goal is to make it easier to introduce players to map-making, as well as to aid those that are already helping others.

What happens to will continue to exist. Some of its tools will also exist on Source Block in an updated format, while's tools will not be updated. It is likely that I will continue to add new tools to that do not fit well on Source Block.